Roaming Reptiles at Kaiser Craft

Today my little brother Finn and I went on a surprise visit to Kaiser Craft.  It was their Carnival Day.  There was lots of kids activities and we entered a few competitions.  I entered a coloring competition and also a hula hooping competition.  I came second in the hula hooping and it was really fun.  Roaming Reptiles were also there and we got to pat and hold lots of reptile including snakes, lizards and even a crocodile!  Little Snake

Here I am with my brother. I am holding the little snake.  It was really cute and had lots of muscles to wrap itself around my arm.

Big Snake

Here I am holding the BIG snake!  It was very heavy!  He had just shed his skin and was lovely and soft to touch.  He eats 3 big rats once a month.  Imagine only eating once a month!

We also got to pat the lizards and crocodiles.  They were rough and cold to feel but were also soft.  I got to feed the lizard a piece of banana.  It licked it first then gobbled it up once it knew what it was.


Have you ever held a snake?

Do you have reptiles for pets?

Have you ever fed a snake or lizard?

17 thoughts on “Roaming Reptiles at Kaiser Craft

  1. Dear Amelie,

    This is a fantastic post! I love the way you told us all about your visit to Kaiser Craft and included some terrific photos. What a great way to start the holidays.

    I have never been good at hula hooping. You did very well!

    About four or five years ago Miss Jordan and I went to Thailand. We have a photo with a big python snake wrapped around our shoulders!

    The diet of snakes is certainly interesting. Their food is a lot different to what we eat!

    You’re doing an amazing job with blogging. You have already learnt so much and I’m very proud of you.

    Your teacher,
    Mrs M☀rris

  2. Dear Amelie,

    You seem to be having a wonderful holiday already. Kaiser Craft Carnival Day sounds like a fun place to be.

    Being able to hold reptiles helps people learn they’re not slimy as some think. Your bravery in holding a snake can show others how easy it is.

    Keep blogging, Amelie.

    Ross Mannell (teacher)

  3. Dear Amelie
    Congratulations on earning your blog and for already having your second post up! ☆

    I’ve never held a snake. When I was young we used to find little lizards in our back yard, but I think lizards would be quite different to hold than a snake.
    Was your brother brave enough to hold them?

    The little crocodiles look very cute. Did they try to snap at you?

    I’m looking forward to reading more of your adventures.

    from Mrs M♔Kenzie in B4

    • Hi Mrs McKenzie,

      Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I had a great time holding all the snakes. The crocodiles had their mouths taped up so they could not bite. Phew. I love finding lizards too. My little brother held the little snake but not the big one as it was REALLY heavy! Also, my mum was scared it might eat him. :mrgreen:

      Your blogging pal,

  4. @ Amelie,

    Great blog post.

    Yes I have held a snake and a crocadile.

    Was it scary holding a snake and the crocadile ❓

    Great post again.

    Your Friend,

    • @ Mikayla,

      Thanks for your comment. Where did you hold the snake and crocodile? I once patted a snake and crocodile at Australia Zoo in Queensland but only quickly. I got to hold the ones at Kaiser Craft for a long time and play with them a bit. It was a bit scary at first but then it was fun.

      Your friend,

  5. Hi Amelie,

    Congratulations on getting your own blog. It looks fantastic! I can’t believe how relaxed you look holding a snake. I have never fed or held a snake and I am not really sure that I would want to.
    Keep up the great blogging.
    From Miss Dickson,
    Year 1/2 Teacher at Holy Family Primary School

  6. Hi Amelie,

    I am very proud that you were able to handle those animals (your father is scared of snakes and would not get near them. Even the small ones worried me.)

    It was fun touching the lizards and doing art and craft with you and Finn your litttle brother.

    Looking forward to more adventures with you these holidays,

  7. Dear Amelie
    I think having a blog would be fun. What expression were you feeling when you got your blog?

    Everyone in our class has their own wiki page.
    We can put on the wiki Voki and Storybirds.

    your friend Tyl☆

    • @ B4,

      I felt amazed when I got a blog.
      I wonder how you got a blog?

      Thanks for the lovely comment! hope you reply soon.

      Bye B4,

  8. @ Amelie,

    Great post.

    I have never fed a snake or a lizard.

    I have never had a reptile as a pet, but I would like to.

    Your pal,

    • @ Hannah,

      Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. What reptile would you have as a pet? I would like a green tree frog as a pet because they are cute and have big eyes just like Juan Pablo.

      Your friend,

  9. To Amelie

    Congratulations on getting your own blog.
    I am a teacher in England and I have a pet tortoise which I have had for 39 years!
    Keep blogging!

    Miss Lever High Lawn School, Bolton, England

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