Coops Shot Tower – Melbourne Central

During the school holidays I went on the train to Melbourne.  It took about an hour to get to Southern Cross station from Geelong.  We went to the city to get our ipad fixed.  My little brother smashed the screen when he dropped it by accident – Oh NO!

While we were waiting for it to be fixed we went to Melbourne Central.  It is a big shopping centre with lots of levels.  In the middle is a shot tower.  It is really really tall.  I got dizzy looking up at it.

It was built in 1888 and is 50 metres high. The building was saved from being pulled down and when they built the shopping centre and train station it was built underneath an 84 m-high cone shaped glass roof.

Coop’s Shot Tower is 9 storeys high, and has 327 steps to the top.  Imagine climbing all those stairs!   The tower produced six tonnes of shot a week up until 1961, when the demand for the lead shot became low after they changed the laws for guns.

What Is Shot and How Was It Made?

Shot is small balls of lead.  It was packed with gun powder into a musket gun and fired like a bullet.  Shot was made by  dropping molten lead from the top of the tower and as it fell it became ball shaped. Water was placed at the bottom of the tower, causing the lead to be cooled.  These pellets were then used as ammunition in shotguns or rifles.

Here is a picture of the tower looking up to the top .  IMG_0446

Have you been to Melbourne on the train?

Have you ever been to a shot tower?

25 thoughts on “Coops Shot Tower – Melbourne Central

  1. Dear Amelie,

    This is a very interesting post about the shot tower in Melbourne Central and I learnt a lot!

    What a shame about the iPad! I hope it is okay now.

    Melbourne Central is a fun place to shop. I like going to Melbourne on the train.

    Did you buy much at Melbourne Central?

    See you tomorrow,
    Mrs M☀rris

    • Dear Mrs. Morris,

      I got some clothes while we were shopping in Melbourne central. The ipad has a new screen and works ok now. I learnt a lot about the shot tower and looked up some of the information on the internet.

      See you tomorrow,

  2. Dear Amelie,

    You’ve included lots of information in your post – I learnt a lot about the shot tower. Did you take the photo yourself?

    For 4 years I caught the train from the suburbs to Melbourne Central station – I went to university in the city and I used to work in Melbourne Central at the Borders bookstore that used to be there. The shot tower was my favourite thing to look at – although I agree that it does get a bit dizzying to look up at it for too long!

    Did you do any shopping at Melbourne Central? And did you get to look at any other places in the city?

    Stef Galvin
    (Teacher, Melbourne)

    P.S. I hope that your iPad is ok now!

    • Dear Stef,

      Thanks for your comment. My mum took the photo on her iphone. We went on the tram round the city. We went to Zara, Myer and David Jones. I got some new clothes.
      Did you like working at the bookstore? I would enjoy working in a bookstore.

      Happy blogging,

  3. Hi Amelie
    Your blog on Coops Shot Tower is really interesting. I have visited there when I have been to Melbourne. I live in Sydney and have had been to Melbourne twice. What an amazing part of history. I found out some things about how shot was made.
    I have never been to Melbourne on the train, only by plane. Have you been on a plane? I like travelling to new places and finding out new things.

    Kate Todd

    • Dear Kate,

      Thanks for visiting my blog. I have been on a plane to Tasmania and Queensland a few times but never to Sydney. I would love to go to Sydney as there is lots of interesting history there.

      What’s your favourite place to visit in Sydney? If I was visiting where should I go?

      Happy blogging,

  4. Dear Amelie,

    What an informative, well written post. Well done! I enjoyed reading your information about the shot tower, thanks for teaching me all about it. It’s always nice to learn from students.

    I have been to Melbourne on the train many times. I have relatives in Melbourne who I visit sometimes and I have also been shopping in Melbourne quite a few times. It’s nice to visit different shops sometimes.

    I’m glad your iPad is fixed now. What is your favourite thing to do on the iPad?

    See you tomorrow,
    Miss Jordan

    • @ Miss Jordan,

      Thanks for visiting my blog. I found it very interesting too learning how shot was made. Especially how they dropped it from the very tall tower.

      I love looking at new shops and old things that are amazing just like the shot tower.

      My favourite thing to do on the ipad is to watch movies and things on iview sometimes. What do you like to do on the ipad?

      See you tomorrow,

      • @ Amelie,

        Thanks for replying to my comment, you are doing a wonderful job of replying to everyone!

        My favourite thing about the iPad is that it is portable and you can take it anywhere! It is nice to be able to just pack your iPad in your bag and you can check your emails and browse on the internet whenever you travel anywhere. I am glad I bought one! 🙂

        Keep up the great work, Amelie!

        See you tomorrow,
        Miss Jordan

  5. Hi Amelie,
     Sydney has a lot of history. We were looking at that in the class that I teach. We went for a tour of the Rocks which is where Sydney was first settled. It has some of the oldest buildings in Australia.
    If you were to come to visit Sydney, the Opera house and Circular Quay are great places to start. There’s also Centrepoint Tower too! You can see most of Sydney from the top. I hope that you are able to visit one day.
    Keep up the great blogging!
    Kate Todd

    • Hi Kate,
      It certainly seems like Sydney has a lot to see and do. I will have ask my mum and dad to take me there next holidays. The Rocks sounds really interesting. I would love to go to Luna park. Have you been to Luna Park? Sydney harbour looks really nice too. I would like to go on a ferry. You are very lucky to be living there.

      Thanks for writing back,

  6. Hello Amelie,

    This is a very interesting post. I did know about shot towers and their uses through reading but I have never really seen one apart from pictures.

    As far as trains to Melbourne are concerned, I have driven to Melbourne and arrived by plane but I have never travelled there my train. While in Melbourne, I did make use of the suburban trains and trams.

    Keep blogging, Amelie.

    Ross Mannell (teacher)
    NSW, Australia

    • @ Ross,

      I love getting comments especially when new people write comments too. Your comment is wonderful, I appreciate it.
      It’s fantastic that you know about shot towers, now you know where to go to see one! :mrgreen:

      Bye bye,

  7. @ Amelie,

    Great post!

    Your blog is great, you put heaps of effort into it!

    I hope you put heaps of effort in your next post, like you did on this post.

    Happy blogging!

    Hope to hear from you soon,

    • Hi Meg,

      Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I really appreciate everyone getting involved and reading my blog. I have a few ideas for the next post but haven’t decided which one i’ll choose yet.

      Thanks very much and see you tomorrow,

  8. Hi Amelie,

    Very interesting blog Amelie. I saw the shot tower when I was young before it became part of Melbourne Central. I showed it to my children too. I am so glad it has been preserved in such a special way. Nice to see that your mum remembers what she learned about the tower many years ago.

    From Lorraine

    • @ Gran,

      Thankyou for leaving a comment on my blog!

      I think my mum is clever remembering aswell.

      I hope to visit soon


  9. @ Amelie,

    Great blog post.

    Yes I have been to Melbourne by a train before.It was fun taching the train.

    No I have not been to shot tower before.

    It looks like fun to see.

    Mikayla 😆

    • @ Mikayla,

      Thanks for the blog comment!

      It was very fun to see like you said. One day you might go to see a shot tower because you now know where one is!
      I hope to see you on monday. sorry I took so long to reply. 🙁

      Bye for now,

      • @ Amelie,

        Thankyou for repling to me.Don’t be sorry that you took a long time to reply back to me.

        Sorry it took me so long to reply back to you Amelie.I only had a look to see if you replyed back to me or if you had a new blog post up.

        My mum said one day will we hofely go see shot tower but after next year thowe Amelie.

        Nice to see that you lile to blog about were you go on a trip or on holidays.

        Thankyou for repling to me.Don’t be sorry that you took a long time to reply back to me again.

        Your friend,

        P.S I took so lone becouse I hat to go to the farm to chek up on the sheep and lames.

  10. Dear Amelie,

    You are doing a great job with your blog!

    Yes I’ve been to Melbourne before on a train but that was when I was a little girl.

    No I have never been to the shot tower but it sounds fun.

    From your friend,
    Ava 🙂

  11. Hi Amelie,
    My name is Amanda Ellenburg and I an from the united states. I am currently taking EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. I really enjoyed your post. I want to visit Melbourne so bad! I will definitely add Melbourne Central to my list of places to see now.

    -Amanda Ellenburg 🙂

  12. Hi Amelie!

    My name is Katie and I am from Alabama in the U.S. I live in Mobile where I go to school at the University of South Alabama and I am enrolled in a class called EDM 310. I was assigned to look at your blog and can I say it is so interesting! I read your most recent blog and then I HAD to read your next one about what shot is. I learned alot from your blogs and I think that they are so interesting I had no clue what SHOT was. So keep up the good work and good luck in school!

  13. Amelie, I am a student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. I am going to college to become a teacher. I am taking a class called EDM310 that has led me to your post. I have to tell you that this post is so well written and is very informative. I have never been to Melbourne, but from the looks of your post there is a lot of neat things to do! Thanks for the great post keep up the good work! Katelyn

  14. @ Amelie,

    Great post Amelie!

    Wow, Coops shot tower sounds really cool.

    Yes, I have been on a train in Melbourne.

    No, I have never been to a shot tower, but I would love to go to one.

    Great post again♥!♥

    Your best friend,

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