Abby The Lakeland Terrier

My dog Abby is a Lakeland Terrier.  She is turning two in November so Happy Birthday ABBY!



The Lakeland Terrier breed goes back to the 1800s and is one of the oldest terrier breeds that is still around today. They were originally called the Patterdale Terrier.  The Lakeland was developed by crossing the Bedlington Terrier with the Old English Wirehaired Terrier in the Lake District of England. The dog was used to prevent foxes from destroying their crops and herds. It hunted animals such as badgers, foxes and otters. It was able to hunt everywhere including the woods, fields and water. They would chase and kill animals, so they are very very fast. It is still used for hunting, as a companion and as a show dog. Some of the Lakeland Terriers talents include: hunting, tracking and watchdog.


The Lakeland Terrier has a double coat.  The outer coat is hard and wiry in texture. The undercoat is close to the skin and soft. There are many coat colours including blue (which is a grey colour), black, liver, red and wheaten.  My dog Abby is a red –  wheaten.  They also have different markings called saddles where a second colour covers the neck, back and sides and up the tail.  Saddle colours may be blue, black, liver and different shades of grizzle .Because they have a double coat they are non shedding and need to be groomed regularly by a dog groome r.  My dog gets a hair cut every 10 weeks as her hair gets very long and shaggy.  They are quite small dogs and weigh about 8kgs.  They live for 10 – 12 years.


They are alert, cheerful, lively, loving and affectionate dogs but also like to bark and dig.  My dog Abby is quite naughty and steals our toys and chews them up a lot!  She barks lots and chases birds but also gives me nice kisses and hugs.  They need lots of training if you want a well behaved dog.

Here are a few photos of my dog Abby. She doesn’t stand still long so it was hard to take her picture.



Do you own a dog?

If so what breed is it?

If you don’t have a dog what sort of dog would you like to own?

25 thoughts on “Abby The Lakeland Terrier

  1. Dear Amelie,

    Abby is a beautiful dog. Wish her happy birthday from me next month when her birthday falls due.

    Many dog breeds were bred as working dogs. The last dog we had was a collie. His breed are herding dogs. Kirby, his pet name, was a very active dog. He loved walks and would spend most of the day running around our large yard.

    Kirby was really my younger brother’s dog. My brother use to take him to dog shows under his breed name, Royalda Regal Knight. He wasn’t a champion but my brother liked him to take part in dog shows.

    Keep up these wonderful posts.

    Ross Mannell (teacher)
    NSW, Australia

    • @ Ross,

      Your dog Kirby sounds like a lovely dog and a good friend too. Abby is not a show dog, but could be if she was trained properly. Abby’s mum and dad are both show dogs. Show dogs have funny names don’t they.

      My mum has a friend who has a Collie who’s name is Luby and she is very old and cant walk. She is lovely and soft and nice to hug.

      Do you have any pets now Ross?

      Your blogging friend,

  2. Dear Amelie,

    How interesting to read about your cute little dog. Abby sounds like she is a bit cheeky but very loveable!

    I had never heard of a Lakeland Terrier before so you certainly taught me something.

    I love the way you researched some information about this breed and wrote it in your own words. This is very important and something we’ve been talking about in class.

    I do not have a dog but if I had one I would like a Labradoodle. I think they look so cute and cuddly; almost like a teddy bear!

    Nate’s parents have a very nice dog called Maddie. She is a Labrador and she loves her belly rubbed!

    If you could get a different pet, what would it be?

    Your teacher,

    Mrs M☀rris

    • Dear Mrs Morris,

      Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Abby IS very naughty! Labradoodles are very big and cuddly but also very naughty. I hope you have a big back yard.

      I had lots of information about Lakeland Terriers and did change it a bit, but left the facts the same.

      If I could have any pet in the world I would love to own a meerkat because they are so cute.

      See you tomorrow,

  3. Hi Amelie what a great post!

    Your dog Abby certainly sounds like a handful, but it is also clear from what you write that you love her.

    Having a dog is a lot of fun but there are lots of things you need to do to keep her healthy and happy. Some of these activities are fun to do like walking her and playing with her.

    Some jobs are not so fun, like picking up her poop!

    I have a Golden Retriever at home we have named Misha. My sons love to play with her and they are responsible for feed her twice a day.

    Pets are a great way to learn to be responsible because they really need your help to remain healthy and happy.

    What do you do to take care of Abbey?

    From Mr de Been

    p.s. In case you are wondering it is MY job to pick up the poop around my backyard! 🙁

    • Dear Mr de Been,

      Thanks for leaving a comment on my post about Abby. I sometimes feed Abby her dinner, I also chase her in the yard and sometimes take her for a walk on the beach.

      I don’t pick up the poo that is my Dad’s job 🙂 I am glad I don’t have to do it!

      Misha is lucky to have you all looking after her. Have you ever taken her for a walk on the dog beach?

      Hope to hear from you soon,

      • Well hello again Amelie!

        I am a very lucky man Amelie because I live in a seaside town called Barwon Heads and that makes Misha a very lucky dog!

        Most of her daily walks are around the streets of our town but she frequently gets taken to the beach.

        Now I suspect most normal dogs would love to dig in the sand and frolic through the waves, but not Misha. It is really hard to coax her into the water. I’m beginning to suspect she can’t even doggy-paddle!

        Maybe I should buy her some floaties…

        Take care Amelie.

        Mr. de Been

  4. Dear Amelie,

    I really enjoyed your post about your dog Abby. I have two labradors named Riley and Roley. They are brothers and are 7 years old.

    Riley is very cheeky. If given the opportunity he will steal my clothes and shoes from my room and have me chase him around the house.

    My favourite thing about Riley is everyday when I get home from work he greets me with a toy in his mouth and his tail wagging excitedly.

    I really like your blog. Keep up the great work.
    From Miss Dickson

    • Dear Miss Dickson,

      Thanks for reading my post about Abby. Your dogs sound fun. It is cool that they are brothers 🙂 That way they wont get lonely. I hope one day Abby gets a sister or brother too.

      Hope to hear from you soon,

  5. Hi Amelie,

    What a great post about your dog Abby. I had not heard of a Lakeland Terrier before so thank you for teaching me something new.

    I have a little Staffy named Bailey. He is nearly two years old. Bailey knows lots of tricks and is very cheeky! Some of his favorite things include going for walks, chasing balls and sleeping on the couch when no one is watching!

    From Miss Pitcher

    Ethan North, Victoria

    • Dear Miss Pitcher,

      Thank you for your comment. I have seen staffy dogs before and know they come in lots of colours. I once saw a blue one (dark grey). What colour is Bailey?


  6. Hi Amelie,

    great work on your blog post! Lots of great information.

    Our family has 2 dogs. A beagle named Walter, and a spoodle named Gracie. We rescued Walter from a shelter a few year ago and got Gracie off a friend of ours 12 months ago. They are lovely dogs except Gracie likes to steal my girls toys, dolls, pens, socks, barbies, Harry potter wands and stores them in a pile under the trampoline!

    Keep on blogging 🙂

    • @ Brett,

      thanks for your great comment.

      Your dog Gracie sounds like a cheeky dog and does the same things as my dog Abby.
      I’m glad you saved your dog Walter from the shelter. He is lucky to have you do that for him.


    • Hi Carole,

      Thank you for your comment.
      Alfie is a nice name.
      Wow you are the first person I have met who also has a lakeland terrier. Is Alfie a show dog?
      Did you have a dog before you had Alfie?

      Hope to hear from you soon,

      • Hi Amelie,

        Thank you for your reply, We dont have any Lakelands around us either. There were only 200 ish born here last year, so they are a little rare. The doodle mixes seem to be very popular here. Its a shame as our little dogs are great characters, what made you chose one ?
        Alfie was meant to be a show dog but his ears went a little wrong. We got him when he was 10 monts old. we thought we were picking up his sister but when we got there the lady had changed her mind.
        Did you say Abby was naughty, she’s only young she MIGHT grow out of it, we are lucky Alfie is very good, you have to be in charge, they are very clever.
        Yes I did have a dog before I had a Great Dane they are very diferent, she was lovely and lived to the grand old age of 12.
        Well Amelia, thats all for now, hope you and Abby have a great time this Christmas.

        Best Wishes Carole and Alfie.

        ps, I dont know how to add picture here so will send one to Mrs Morris, think you will like it.

  7. @ Ameile,

    Hi there I see you put up a post about you pet dog .It simes you like you do a lots so you got some ifmation and then put it into you own words.I have a dog it’s name is baster,The couler of it is black,brone and a bit of withe.I forgot what shurt it is sorry.

    Here is my blog adress if you what to check it out,


    • thankyou for your great comment Mikayla.

      I’ll tell you another thing about Abby. She rolls around in the grass on her back! It’s really funny.

      I think she is very cheeky like I said in the post.

      Bye for now,

      • @ Amelie,

        Thankyou for repling to me on this blog post.

        That is funny that my dog likes to roll along the grass as well. That is funny that they like the exact same thing.

        Your friend,

  8. @ Amelie,

    I love this post!

    Wow, thats so funny we both have dogs that roll all over the grass.

    I really love your simsons wiget it is really fun.

    Your friend and blogging friend,

    • @ Hannah,

      Thanks for the comment!

      Does you dog Vallour roll in the grass?
      My mum says she wants Vallour because she is soft and lets you pat her.

      Are your dogs cheeky?

      Your pal,

  9. Dear Dog Lover,

    It was lovely to get to meet your very cute little dog. What a very informative report you wrote about your dog breed.

    I have a staffy, she is a little girl and is brindle in colour. I would like to get a sausage dog because they are so funny looking!

    Dogs are my favourite animal and if my husband let me I would have many different types of dogs. But he says we are only allowed one.

    Do you have any other pets?

    From Mrs Milton

    • Hi Mrs Milton,

      Thanks for the comment.

      I love sausage dog too. They’re my favourite type of dog.

      I once had rabbits, ginepigs and three gold fish ( one big, small and in beetween.

      Your student at Chip,

  10. @ Amie,

    I love your post.

    I have a dog named ,Laska, she is an Alaskon malamow +Jermon shepered.

    She is very big and heary,but sheb is molting at the momont so she is’intvery heary right now.

    again, great post.

    From your friend,

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