Eastern Beach Giant Ferris Wheel

On Friday my Mum and my brother Finn and I went for a walk along Eastern Beach.  We are very lucky here in Geelong to have such an interesting and beautiful waterfront.  You can walk all the way from Rippleside Park to Limeburners Point and learn lots about the history of Geelong on your walk.  We parked the car at Cunningham Pier and walked along the waterfront taking photos of the bollards for my blog post on the BayFM website.  It was 37 degrees Celsius and so hot!   On our walk we saw a wedding in the carousel and we had a gelati to cool off before we went for a ride on the Giant Ferris Wheel.    Here is a photo of the wheel.  It really is GIGANTIC!


As you can see a BIG storm was coming and it was pretty scary watching it come as we were going around.  It stopped at the very top and my mum was really scared.  I loved it!    Here I am enjoying my gelati on the Ferris Wheel.


We were all glad when the ride finished and we got back to our car just in time before the thunder and lightening and rain hit.  Phew!

Have you ever been on a Giant Ferris Wheel ?

What flavour Gelati is your favourite?

Are you scared of heights or thunder?

5 thoughts on “Eastern Beach Giant Ferris Wheel

  1. Dear Amelie,

    It looks like you had lots of fun at Eastern Beach! I am looking forward to your post on the BayFM website.

    It is lucky that you got inside before the storm. That was a big storm! I am not scared of heights and thunder but I know lots of people are.

    Your teacher,
    Mrs Morris

    PS – I LOVE your new theme and header picture. Very nice!

    • Dear Mrs Morris,

      Thanks for the reply!

      I think my brother thought it was great, but not when he was about to go on!

      Bye for now,

  2. @ Amelie,

    I really like your blog post. Wow you went to Easten beach and went on the ferist wheel.

    No I am not scared of heights or thunder not one bit at all.

    My favourite galarto is strawbery.

    Yes have been on a Giant Ferris Wheel. It was so much fun to go on.

    Again,great blog post.

    Your friend,
    PS – I LOVE your new theme and header picture. Very nice!

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