Trip to Sorrento

On Wednesday the 24th of October my family and my cousins went to Sorrento which is on Port Philip bay and is across from Queenscliff.

We went as foot passengers on the ferry  from Queenscliff to Sorrento and then back (The ferry was rough). We had walk up the stairs and inside were lots of chairs and a cafe.  There were lots of motorbikes going on the ferry to the Grand Prix in Phillip Island.  They were really, really noisy!

When we got to the other side of the bay it was cold and windy! First we went to get lunch. On our way to get lunch we saw an amazing toy shop. We went inside and had a look. There were lots of hand puppets and finger puppets. We had fun playing with them all and then I got to chose a toy. I got a slap band watch which was white and my brother got a wooden car set where the cars flip down ramps.

Kobi, Indiah, Me & Finn at Sorrento


We found a nice seat to sit on at the top of the hill and ate our lunch of fish and chips.  The hill was big so my cousins and I rolled down over and over.  It was so much fun!  Then it was time to get back on the ferry and go home.    We had a fun day out.

Here are a few video bloopers of us rolling down the hill. They take a little while to load but are funny!

Hill Rolling 1

Hill Rolling 2


Have you ever been on a ferry?

Have you ever rolled down hills like we did? 

3 thoughts on “Trip to Sorrento

  1. Hi Amelie,

    It’s great to see you’re blogging again! Maybe you’d even like to come to the Blogging Club Monday lunch to work on your blog.

    I have been on the ferry to Sorrento many times. Because I got married at Cape Schanck (on that side of the bay), we had to use the ferry a lot to get things organised.

    The fish and chips sound like a delicious lunch. Shame about the weather but it’s great you had a good time with your cousins.

    Your former teacher,
    Mrs Morris

  2. Hello Amelie,

    Without having read a newspaper or seen a report on TV, I know when the Phillip Island Grand Prix. In the week before the grand prix, many motorbikes pass through my town heading south to Melbourne. There is a bypass around my town but many still choose to pass through.

    I have been to Phillip Island but, in my case, I drove there. I had been on a car trip along the coast from Sydney to Melbourne and on to Adelaide before returning more inland and crossing the Murray River at Echuca. We have many beautiful places to visit and Phillip Island is one of the best. ☺ L

    Have I ever been on a ferry?
    Many times I have been on ferries crossing Sydney Harbour. My favourite harbour trips take you from near the Sydney Harbour Bridge and on to Taronga Zoo or Manly.
    I also have been on ferries between the North and South Islands many times, although these are really ships carrying people, cars, trucks and trains.

    Have I ever rolled down hills like you?
    Only recently I have started scanning old photos, slides and negatives into my computer. Some photos are of a place called Little Marley Beach near Sydney. I used to organise hikes to eh beach for families of small groups of children. A highlight was being ale to roll down sand hills and into a freshwater creek. It was fun and cool on a hot day. ☺


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