Roaming Reptiles at Kaiser Craft

Today my little brother Finn and I went on a surprise visit to Kaiser Craft.  It was their Carnival Day.  There was lots of kids activities and we entered a few competitions.  I entered a coloring competition and also a hula hooping competition.  I came second in the hula hooping and it was really fun.  Roaming Reptiles were also there and we got to pat and hold lots of reptile including snakes, lizards and even a crocodile!  Little Snake

Here I am with my brother. I am holding the little snake.  It was really cute and had lots of muscles to wrap itself around my arm.

Big Snake

Here I am holding the BIG snake!  It was very heavy!  He had just shed his skin and was lovely and soft to touch.  He eats 3 big rats once a month.  Imagine only eating once a month!

We also got to pat the lizards and crocodiles.  They were rough and cold to feel but were also soft.  I got to feed the lizard a piece of banana.  It licked it first then gobbled it up once it knew what it was.


Have you ever held a snake?

Do you have reptiles for pets?

Have you ever fed a snake or lizard?

Welcome, my New Blog is Here!

This is my new blog. I was surprised when I got my own blog!

These are some things you might not know about me:

  • I have five people in my family (including my pet) Mum, Dad, my little brother Finn and my dog Abby.
  • My favourite food is chocolate truffles and kiwi fruit.
  • I love sport .
  • My favourite restaurant is the Leopold Sportmans Club.
  • At school I like to run around the oval and talk with my friends.
  • I love to dance and have Ballet  lessons every Saturday.

This is a picture of me from 2011( I now have those missing teeth!)

Raineri, Amelie

Do you do any activities after school or on the weekend?

What is your favourite food?

What is your favourite restaurant?